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Wide applications: in forestry, farming sectors and highway mitigation fencing.

We offer nettings intended for fencing motorways and railway tractions. The nettings are characterised by a high tensile strength and are impact resistant. Fencings made of those nettings are easy to assembly and enable quick and efficient fencing of premises.


Forest terrains


Agriculture farms


Wire diameter and tensile strength:

  • horizontal wires: diameter 2,00 mm, tensile strength 1100 N/mm²
  • vertical wires: diameter 2,00 mm, tensile strength 500 N/mm²
  • vertical wires: diameter 2,50 mm, tensile strength 1200 N/mm²

Other dimmensions avalaible on request.


Surface protection and design

The nettings are made of wires with an increased tensile strength, i.e. steel wires coated with a layer of zinc. The meshes in the lower part of the netting are small sized, whereas those in the upper part are much larger.


The netting is usually mounted on wooden posts with nails or special mounting clips. The netting is light, and therefore the spaces between the posts may be 8 to 12 metres.

Applications area

They are applied for fencing woodland areas, motorways, railway tractions, also held applicable in agriculture, for fencing pastures and runs for farm animals as well as for protecting arable crops.