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type 1D and 2D

Welded heavy duty fencing panels offer an extremely high resistance security for various applications. Weldmesh panels 2D and 2D are fixed to strong rolled hollow section fence posts using stainless steel security fixings clamps. A full range of single, double leaf and sliding gates are available to match system.


Private permises

Industrial infrastructure

Commercial infrastructure

Sport infrastructure

Welded Panel type 1D

Welded Panel type 2D

We offer a complex fencing system made of profiled welded panels with mounting posts and appropriate mounting accessories.
We manufacture gates and wickets tailor-made for the customer’s individual needs and requirements. The gates can be made as swing or sliding gates (tracked or cantilevered).


We manufacture welded wire fence panels of width 2500 mm and heights ranging from 800 mm to 2000 mm. Meshing sizes ranging from: 50×100 mm, 50×150 mm, 50×200 mm, 100×100 mm, 100×200 mm. Panel are manufactured of wires (rods) diemater 4,0 mm to 8,0 mm, which garantees a superior degree of resistance to impact damage or vandalism.

Other dimmensions avalaible on request.

Fixing system, montage accessories

Post profile is 60×40 mm. The panel to post fixing is achieved by using steel fixing clamps, making the installation of panels a fast and simple process. Regulation is assured. Fences with weldmesh panels are the system solution which includes also and pedestrian wickets, residential or industrial gates, filled with 1D or 2D mesh panel.

Surface protection and colors

Panels and posts anti-corrosion protection: galvanization + polyester powder painting. The post top is covered with a PCV plug, protecting the rainwater to get inside of the post.  Standard painting color – green RAL 6005.

Panels and posts anti-corrosion protection: galvanization + polyester powder painting. The post top is covered with a PCV plug, protecting the rainwater to get inside of the post.  Standard painting color – green RAL 6005.

Gates and wickets OF welded wire fence panels
We offers complex fencing systems with gates and wicket to match system.
Applications area
Industrial sites, company premises, infrastructure and transport, public spaces, public buildings, warehouses, sports stadiums,playgrounds, private possessions.

Welded WIRE fence panels

Fence panels fit perfectly into any space. They are suitable for industrial applications as well as for private properties. It is an ideal fence that secures the property and at the same time fits nicely into the surroundings. Mostostal panel fences are made in several dimensions so that everyone can match the appropriate size, color, height and style. We produce panels at a production plant in Poland, we are characterized by fast service and shipping. We deliver the ordered fencing panels in just a few days. Our posts and panels are conveniently mounted with mounting elements that are easy to connect.

Profiled and galvanized steel wire mesh panel fencing

All panels are available in corrosion-resistant versions. Metal panel fences from Mostostal are produced in Central Europe, in Poland, panel fencing is available in several sizes. All panels are manufactured in Poland. The panels are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing and powder coating. Galvanized steel wire fences or zinc-aluminium alloy fences. The durability of the panels works well even in the most demanding conditions, our panels are installed in ports where they are in direct contact with salt sea water, and in the mountains, where they are often constantly covered with ice. We deliver panels painted in any color, so they fit into any landscape.

Metal panel fences

Metal panel fencing are manufactured from high quality steel. Manufacturing process are based on many steps, which are supervised by experienced specialist. Each stage of production is additionally strictly controlled in terms of quality, thanks to which we only provide excellent metal fencing panels. We work on modern machines that enable us to produce very large quantities and fast deliveries. We are constantly developing and investing in modern technologies, we follow development and technological innovations. 

Polish metal panel fencing

Our production plant is located in Central Europe, Poland. Our panels are very popular and thanks to constant deliveries, we quickly deliver our fencing panels all over the world.