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Chain link made of galvanized or PVC coated wires.

Braided nettings form a material which is very popular and frequently used in practice for making fences. The braided netting fences are easy to assemble and make it possible to fence premises easily.
We offer complex fencing systems made of braided nettings, either galvanised or PVC coated. We ensure all necessary elements and accessories for making fences, i.e. posts, tightening wire, tighteners, clamping ring and barbed wire. We also manufacture tailor-made gates and wickets.


Private permises

Industrial infrastructure

Commercial instrastructure

Sport infrastructure


We manufacture panels of width 2500 mm and heights ranging from 800 mm to 2000 mm. Meshing sizes ranging from: 50×100 mm, 50×150 mm, 50×200 mm, 100×100 mm, 100×200 mm. Panel are manufactured of wires (rods) diemater 4,0 mm to 8,0 mm, which garantees a superior degree of resistance to impact damage or vandalism.

Other dimmensions avalaible on request.

Fixing system, montage accessories FOR CHAIN LINK FENCES

 The netting is mounted by means of a tightening wire going through mounting clips of fencing posts. A proper tension of the fencing is obtained through adjustment of tightening screws (tighteners). If necessary, barbed wire can be mounted over the netting. We ensure all necessary assembly accessories as well as a broad assortment of tailor-made gates and wickets.

Surface protection and colors

The fencings are made of nettings, either galvanised or PVC coated in a wide range of colours.
The fencing posts are delivered in the galvanised version, either protected with anticorrosive paint or not.
The posts have upper covers to prevent water from entering inside them.


Green RAL 6505

Brown RAL 8019


Gates and wickets OF CHAIN LINK
We offers complex fencing systems with sliding and swing gates and pedestrian wicket to match system.
Applications area FOR CHAIN LINK FENCES
 Industrial sites, company premises, infrastructure and transport, public spaces, public buildings, warehouses, sports stadiums,playgrounds, private possessions.

Chain link fencing

Mostostal manufactures chain link fence with different types of fasteners.We are a manufacturer located in Central Europe, Poland, and we deliver chain link fences all over the world every day.We offer various wire dimensions and mesh sizes. All elements are galvanized, they can also be painted in any ral color and covered with PVC.

Chain-link fence of Galvanized steel wire

The wire mesh fencing is protected against corrosion by galvanization or it can be optionally covered with PVC material. We produce fencing mesh, the wire thickness of which starts from 1 mm, the thickest wire we produce is 4 mm. The mesh can have different dimensions from 5×5 to 60×60. The mesh is the cheapest form of fencing, and at the same time it is so classic and standard that it fits into any terrain, both industrial and private properties. 

chainlink fences manufacturing over 50 years

Mostostal has been producing chain fences for over 50 years. During these many years of activity, we have learned almost everything about the production of chain fencing. We set trends and often introduce new solutions to the global market. We are a Polish producer and we produce in Europe, but we deliver all over the world.

What is price for chain link fences?

The price of wire mesh fencing is determined by the dimensions, thickness of the wire, height of the mesh and posts as well as the finish. It is the cheapest solution and the price is low compared to other fences. Write to our sales advisor for a quote.